My minimalism

People often think of minimalism as just getting rid of all your stuff and minimalist design as plain & colorless. Minimalism is seen as an end-goal (having a small amount of stuff or having a website with only a couple of menu links), rather than a means to serve a larger purpose.

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of…excess in favor of focusing on what’s important…” The Minimalists

Embracing minimalism in my life has allowed me to do more of what I love – running, knitting, reading – by removing things and activities that were unenjoyable distractions.

Like minimalism in my life, I think that minimalism in design should be used to bring focus to the things that bring value to you and your audience. Minimalist design doesn’t need to be limited to black and white or sans-serif fonts, but it does need to be purposeful. By ridding our designs of excess, we can create more valuable and more enjoyable user experiences.